About Viviane Silvera


Founder of On Art, a well-respected artist and filmmaker of the upcoming short See Memory, Viviane Silvera has a passion for telling a story through visuals. Currently, Viviane is sharing her latest project, See Memory, a motion film made out of 15,000 painting stills that is to be seen around the world starting at The Big Apple Film Festival and Edward Hopper House.

Viviane has exhibited her artwork in numerous venues including the Clinton Presidential Library, Vanderbilt University’s Sculpture Garden, Albright Knox Gallery, The Edward Hopper House, The Dahesh Museum, and The Museo De La Cuidad-Mexico to name a few.

When she isn’t creating her artwork, Viviane runs On Art where she leads groups on curated gallery and studio tours where New Yorkers experience the secret and hidden art gems throughout the city.  Most recent studio tours include Ghada Amer, Shazia Sikander, Nir Hod and Paul Villinksi.

As a well-respected voice in the art industry, Viviane’s work has been written about in The Evening Standard, the Christies’s Newsletter, the Wall Street Journal, Gotham magazine, Time Out New York, Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, and many other publications, blogs and podcasts.

Viviane Silvera currently resides in New York, NY with her husband and two children.